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Her friend died by suicide. She took up the cause to stop the stigma.

We cannot express the mixed emotions we feel about this being front page news - we are deeply sad and also hopeful.

Program in Fairport focuses on students' mental health

To see Kamp’s smiling face and easy-going personality, you may never guess she has struggled with a major depressive disorder, anxiety and contemplated suicide. Life has turned around for her thanks to "Stop the Stigma Roc", a student led community organization that educates people about mental health disorders.

Maeve Reed's quest: a community not afraid to talk about suicide

A Fairport teen has been working for the last several years to end the stigma around mental illness.
Maeve Reed lost her best friend to suicide when they were both freshmen in high school. At the time, Maeve said there was a silence about it, like people were sweeping her friend's death under the rug.


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